Check whether the shifting switch supports wireless communication. They have great support for their system! If the one with a current lower than 1.0 A is used, the AC adapter may heat up, potentially causing a fire, smoke, overheating, destruction, electric shock, or burns. The battery doesn't want to start at all and the Shimano charger is just blinking when connected, meaning some kind of error. HIMO Battery Charger DPLC084V42 User Manual, SanDisk iXpand Wireless Charger User Manual. Lift the rubber cap to reveal the charging socket and insert the charging plug. Connect the charging cable to your power outlet and let charging commence! Doing so may cause bursting or ignition. Is there another controller available which has this display-key on the controller itself so I dont have to let go my steer? This depends a bit on how often you shift and also your shifting style. Finally, pop the power plug into your power outlet and ensure you have a pulsing green light on the battery to show it is charging. Press the main Cycle Computer button to advance to the minutes. How can this new ban on drag possibly be considered constitutional? Your Shimano STEPS system now has the latest Firmware, ensuring the best performance possible. I have 3 different problems with it. Be careful not to damage the charging cable. I'm having the same problem. > Your email address will not be published. Switching operation modes For the setting procedure, contact your place of purchase or a distributor. I try to keep things clean and have been advised by my dealer ( Cooksons in Prestwitch). The rear derailleur does not shift gears when connected over Bluetooth LE. Use the specified battery and charger combination for charging and observe the specified charging conditions. After tapping Update for the selected units (or Update All), the app may ask you to agree to Terms of Service for the new firmware version. If the storage temperature is low or high, the performance of the battery is reduced, and its useable time will be shorter. Plus, after 500 charges your battery will still hold 80% of its charge, and that only drops to 60% after a whopping 1000 charges. But be aware some controllers do brick themselves at end of life so you might be SOL anyway. Connect the charging plug to your power outlet (dont forget to switch the socket on if needs be!) Well, the battery is brand new and I would exclude from the beginning that the cells are unbalanced. How long does it take to charge a battery? Shimano Steps EC-E6002 Electric Bike Battery Charger - Black (BRAND NEW) $174.99 or Best Offer 5 watching Shimano Di2 SM-BTR1 battery $29.95 Free shipping or Best Offer Shimano EW-SD50 Di2 E-Tube Wire 300mm for Dura-Ace Ultegra NEW W/O PACKAGE (2) $24.79 SPONSORED Shimano STEPS E8000 Cycle Computer - 35mm Band Clamp $153.43 $24.35 shipping My Steps E8000-based MTB has the E7000 two-button switch on the left bar as you show above. Running the 12-speed Di2 in full wired increases the battery life by 50 %, so if you 're into bikepacking, decidedly consider doing that. pl help, I have a shimaano bike with a due7000 motor just got a new one cuz the old one broke and got the due8000 and now its saying I need a software update but the bikes dosent turn on so how do I update it. "After the incident", I started to be more careful not to trip over things. The battery doesn't want to start at all and the Shimano charger is just blinking when connected, meaning some kind of error. It only takes a minute to sign up. The buttons on the Switch Unit will also help us to navigate the Settings menu. The HOVSCO Electric Bike has a nice LCD display that shows . For information on which of the above is displayed, refer to the manual for your cycle computer or receiver. LEARN MORE Latest stories View all stories A Di2 front derailleur uses about 4 times more power than a rear derailleur will per shift. Curbside Pickup Available NOW! Can you help me with this. Yes, thank you. Store this product or the bicycle with this product installed in a cool indoor location away from direct sunlight and rain (estimate: 10 to 20C). Tighten setscrew to move back end of cage until cage is parallel to largest chainring 3 Electrical Wire Installation Route and connect the wiring carefully care to avoid damage or wear to the electrical cable. What youre describing sounds like riding the bike with assist off but if there was an issue with the head unit communicating with the motor, the bike should provide some feedback like the maintenance icon or the head unit might reset when communication cuts out. After a few seconds you should see the name of your bike under Searching units. If you are charging your battery in situ on the bike, simply lift the rubber cap to reveal the charging port (depending on the model, this will either be on the battery mount or the battery itself), and insert the charging plug. Connect the various parts securely, and charge the battery again. , The Nomad is one of the newest e-bikes to grace Magnum's 2021 product line. (B) Maintenance alert:Indicates that maintenance is required. Since the problem is the controller not responding (the battery management system is described as "bricked") not that it simply won't charge - it won't discharge either, or even report its state - so the problem is unlikely to be the charger contacts. In addition, cleaning the chain and QUICK-LINK with a neutral detergent and lubricating them can be an effective way of extending the life of the chain and QUICK-LINK. Each main menu item is explained below. DANGER. The time required to charge a battery depends on the batterys remaining capacity and the ambient temperature. Clear Reset trip data mentioned above, includingtrip distance, riding time, average speed, max speed, and cadence. The model is The dealers manual for professional bicycle mechanics is available from our website(. Page 13 Charging the battery while installed onto the bicycle Battery charger: EC-E6000 Battery: BT-E8010/BT-E8020/BT-E6010 Insert the battery charger power plug into the outlet. It will be an expensive lesson. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. The components are designed to be fully waterproofed to withstand wet weather riding conditions; however, do not deliberately place them into water. Unit Switch between Miles and Kilometers. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you are charging the battery off the bike, firstly ensure that the power is switched off and then insert the key into the socket on the battery mount, turn, and carefully remove the battery from the bike. only for the tiny one we put in the seat post? Whichever Shimano STEPS system you use, and however often, you can rest assured that it is renowned for its long life and long range. I also learned about design patterns in automation testing, specifically the Page Object Model (POM), and gained hands-on experience in web automation using Selenium WebDriver. Between thinking about pedal assistance and throttle systems, hub and mid-drive motors, and the restit can be pretty confusing. The bicycle side is ready to connect. We would need a bit more information about your bike to help. After selecting, the clock will be displayed and the up and down buttons will allow you to set the hour. Copyright 2012-2022 EBR Electric Bike Review, Inc. Also operating under the name EBR. (J) Light icon: Indicates that the light connected to the drive unit is lit. If the connection cannot be performed in the way described above, refer to the manual for your cycle computer. The unit name is displayed on the E-TUBE PROJECT screen. Maximum Support: 400% Q-factor: 177mm Battery Capacity: External: 418, 504, 630Wh/Integrated: 504,. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thank you, The Shimano steps sc6000 doesnt have a power button on the display and not coming on in any way shape or form that wait any inside tips on that cuz weve tried everything. I have a STEPS E8000 bike and wanted to make some improvements, like possibility to charge from any kind of CC/CV charger (even using solar panels when grid is not available) and to charge it to 41v to improve cycle life but things went wrong after first brief charge. Still not sure what to do with the old one. The battery may take approximately1.5 hoursto fully charge, and the orange charging indictor light will turn off. It doesn't even turn on. Do not disassemble or modify the product. icon is displayed. The battery level may be too low to perform operations. Make sure that your bike can power-up: the LED's indicator lights should light up, as should the bike's display screen. often times when i turn on my new eBike, it appears to already be in walk mode and I have a hard time getting it out of this mode. Holding the down button will switch the drive unit to Walk assist mode. When i bought my bike it didnt have a headlight. Store in a safe place out of the reach of small children to avoid letting them swallow by mistake. Shimano Steps E8000 battery charging port cover, Shimano Cues - New 9/10/11 speed lower tier drivetrain components. If this is not observed, fire, bursting or overheating may occur. Bicycles with Shimano STEPS are mid-drive systems, meaning that the motor is located near the pedals and not in a wheel hub. If water gets into any of the components, operating problems or rusting may result. Browse other questions tagged, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site. As always, we are always happy to chat with you about questions regarding this system. 2. I think there might have been a very poor 240v (UK) connection. The following is an explanation of the terms displayed on the website. How to handle a hobby that makes income in US, Euler: A baby on his lap, a cat on his back thats how he wrote his immortal works (origin?). If you are using a USB hub, reconnect the charging cable to the AC adapter directly. Connect the charging cable to your power outlet and let charging commence!. How to notate a grace note at the start of a bar with lilypond? Lift the rubber cap to reveal the charging socket and insert the charging plug. A conduction failure may result. Bikes. Required fields are marked *. You should then see a gear icon and the word Setting in the upper right corner, and the first two menu items Clear and Clock should be visible. But it's not faulty, just the bms is too smart and shut down everything when I started to charge the cells bypassing the whole bms circuitry. Whatever you are up to, we know what you are thinking about. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. So you're free to choose where you plug in that USB. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. On my last ride I ran the battery all the way down until it shut off right before the final DH. If the system will not power on, the battery is most likely depleted and should be charged with the appropriate Shimano charger. Basic navigation is as follows. Cycle computer connection To connect, the cycle computer needs to be in connection mode. For information on how to put the cycle computer into connection mode, refer to the manual for your cycle computer. If this is not observed, fire or bursting may occur. Charging stops if E-TUBE PROJECT is connected while charging. It may impair the function. still light is not illuminated.. please help. We buy houses. As with all batteries, you will need to charge them within a specific temperature range. It's an expensive mistake, but i'd just contact shimano (or a distributor for them) and find out what needs to be replaced. Disconnect between goals and daily tasksIs it me, or the industry? If youre still experiencing issues, we would recommend contacting Shimano directly or visiting a local Shimano service center (authorized Shimano dealer). They found particles within the charger battery interface. On the default view, this changes the Boost mode, allowing you to cycle through OFF, ECO, NORM (Normal), and HIGH. Hello I have BMC with shimano steps e8000, when I am running with Eco Mode and suddenly I heard beep the motor is off in the computer display and I try to push the left control lever but is not functioning, the computer display is working well. If this is not observed, problems with operation or electric shocks may occur. Long lifespan; . If you dont see this screen, tap the bike icon in the middle of the bottom bar. BC. What make and model is the bike? * Fully understand the precautions for use before using the product. This may cause a charge error or fire due to heating. Disconnect the charging cable and check again. Having done this, turn the power off and remove the battery from your bike. Failure to do so may result in a low-temperature burn as the temperature of the battery charger can rise to 40 - 70C during charging. At the highest level of assistance, you can expect up to 30 miles on a batterys charge. You can see more detail on page 39 of the E8000 manual: Do not use a USB hub when connecting the cable to a PC USB port. What model charger (PCE1)? Mine was also causing the charger light to strobe before eventually not allowing the charger to connect. These are labeled Update, Customize, and Maintenance. JavaScript is disabled. I have returned no less than 4(!) To access the Settings menu, hold down the main button on the bottom of the display when the default MPH / or KPH screen is shown. I am pleased as I have ridden it loads since getting it. Thats typically how firmware is updated using Shimanos E-TUBE PROJECT software. For Shimano Steps 5000: compatibility with the Shimano 4.4.8 version Minimum requirements: SM-PCE1 or SM-PCE2 interface, Windows 10 or newer, USB port, Internet connection. on SHIMANO DI2 Battery Charger User Manual, Regular inspections before riding the bicycle. Batteries on Shimano STEPS bikes take about four hours to fully charge and can last up to 1,000 charges before having significant power loss. Now you can connect the power plug to your electrical outlet and check for the yellow light on the charger and the green, flashing light on the battery to show that its charging. Lift the rubber cap to reveal the charging socket and insert the charging plug. Available options are English, Franois, Deutsch, Nederlands, Italiano, Espaol. Have you worked before with shimano batteries? The most up-to-date information is available on the SHIMANO website. For information on how to use E-TUBE PROJECT on your PC, refer to the users manual for E-TUBE PROJECT. * When using the product in combination with another cordless device or some lights. Rob has ridden the bike, so make You must log in or register to reply here. When using the shifting switch wirelessly, gear shifting is not performed when the switch is next operated if a certain amount of time has elapsed since the last time gear shifting was performed. Somehow they managed to remove enough to allow contact. We decided to provide the basics on one of the motor systems featured on select bike models: Shimano STEPS. The second step to take when getting to the bottom of your bike's charging issues is to check your bike battery's voltage. If the problem persists,you should contact the place of purchase or an authorized Shimano dealer. document.getElementById("copyright_year").innerHTML = new Date().getFullYear(); As everyone well knows at this point, Ukraine is struggling with a huge humanitarian and refugee Finally if you want to repair the pack, you may find a new / used pack controller part on eBay or you might be able to scavenge off an older pack. E-TUBE PROJECT connection Before setting up a connection, turn on the Bluetooth LE function on the smartphone or tablet. If this is not observed, leakages, overheating or bursting may cause fire, burns or another injury to occur. The rear derailleur and battery become hot when charging. If this is not observed, leakages, overheating or bursting may cause fire, burns or another injury to occur. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee . I am having trouble with the basic clock function on the computer. How often should I charge my (lithium) e-bike battery? The new GT Grade comes with full Di2, internal battery. ). Help diagnose Jetson bolt charging failure, 2014/15 Easy Motion Evo City Error Code 12. I haven't dismantled the battery because I still hope that a Shimano dealer could reset it. Component categories and series of GRAVEL, Component categories and series of LIFESTYLE, Component categories and series of E-BIKE, Your smartphone to cycling computer on the bike, SHIMANO bicycle ride data collection/analysis service, SHIMANO AGAINST THE TAMPERING WITH E-BIKES, California Transparency in Supply Chain Act, BT-E6000 BT-E6001 BT-E6010 BT-E8010 BT-E8014 BT-E8016 BT-E8020 BT-E8035 BT-E8035-L BT-E8036, Charge with battery directly by using adapter, Fast charging time - charges to 80% of total capacity. Shimano STEPS, an acronym for Shimano Total Electric Power System, is a pedal-assist system for electric bikes. Do not close the app while the update is taking place, and be sure to stay within a few feet of your bike to ensure Bluetooth remains connected. > Previously I have tried the following fixes cleaned the contacts with Isopropyl alcohol, unplugging and reconnecting, Its difficult to diagnose something like this without inspecting the system, so we would recommend bringing it to your local Shimano service center or contacting BMC to see if this is a known issue with that bike model. You can still break the pack apart and use the 18650 cells in other projects or sell them on eBay. Do not heat the battery or throw it into fire. Shimano STEPS systems are similar with one difference. Connect the battery charger's power plug to the electrical outlet. It is in the back of your head; the idea of getting outside and biking around town. You must log in or register to reply here. Contact the place of purchase. It's just a transformer/PSU with a USB on the end. When I hold the shift lever it still shows green on the junction box, which I think means it has loads of charge. * If the LED blinks red, refer to Troubleshooting. 4. The parts are currently at Shimano for yet another replacement. Luckily, any errors in charging the battery will be shown by a blinking LED light. Shimano STEPS E8000 Continuous power: 250W (500W peak) Torque: 85Nm Weight: 2.6kg (5.72lbs.) If it was a bike shop, I would recommend taking it back there for troubleshooting. There is a problem if it is too hot to touch. I swapped the mains power lead with another (laptop I think) and that cured it. On iOS, a system prompt will appear to inform you of the Bluetooth Pairing Request, and you will need to confirm by tapping Pair. I would just take the battery and charger to the retailer you purchased the bike from, if there are any problems it should all be covered under warranty. Has excess play increased in the pulleys? One other issue I have with this is that I cant see the speed and the covered distance in 1 screen..which brings me to my latest problem. , 16881 Hayes St. Charge the battery and check again. On the M-E1, this will include the Battery, Drive unit, Cyclecomputer, and Switch. The mobile app requires no additional hardware aside from your mobile phone, so it is the preferred choice for most M-E1 owners. You can download the mobile app or Windows version of E-Tube Project from the Shimano website here. Many thanks for every reply on all these questions. this week I tested a new Canyon spectral on with the EP8 motor. > You are able to charge a Shimano STEPS battery either on or off the bike. the LED will light up blue, indicating that the battery is being charged. Page 17 After charging, firmly close the charging port cap. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. The app will search for units nearby so make sure youre within a few feet of your M-E1. On ECO mode, you can expect about 50 miles on a single charge. Were going to show you the most important controls and capabilities of the Shimano STEPS system on the M-E1, as well as how to update the drive system firmware. Note: Another system prompt may ask if you want to change your passkey. Providing a seamless and easy ride from a standing start even on steep inclines. The 1st light was blinking as it should when charging, but the 4th light was solid green. After connecting to your bike, the app will first as you to confirm that all of the hardware units are visible to the app. This means that it could be for example 21 or 39 percentnot possible to know! If gear shifting operation does not feel smooth, consult the place of purchase for assistance. , We're excited to announce that we are now a Serial 1 electric bike dealer! and will a new battery work (plug'n'play)?". Thank you!! Is it possible to charge an ebike from a 12V solar powered battery? The gears should be periodically washed with a neutral detergent then lubricated. contacted local dealer, but he wants me to bring bike.. only to know the procedure to switch on/off head light in night time. Are there any abnormal noises coming from the derailleur? In developing SHIMANO STEPS, Shimano focused on how to generate assist power without compromising the inherent riding comfort of bicycles. If the chain keeps skipping, ask the place of purchase to replace the gears and the chain. You can set this up now, or simply tap Later to proceed. On the handlebars next the left grip is the Switch Unit with two buttons Up and Down. Ive experienced a problem twice with my bike that was most likely a result of a basic lack of understanding the display procedure combined with indiscriminate button pushing. Start E-TUBE PROJECT and set it to listen for Bluetooth LE signals. Why are physically impossible and logically impossible concepts considered separate in terms of probability? Now it's like bricked. your place of purchase or a bicycle dealer if this Special battery This product can only charge a SHIMANO lithium-ion battery. You've probably already read the news that Shimano's Deore . CITY & TREKKING E-BIKE E6100 Edit: Never remove Di2 cables by pulling on the wire itself. 2022 - 2023. First up, make sure the power is off before inserting the key into the battery, turning to unlock and carefully removing it from the down tube. However, its possible that your bikes manufacturer pre-programmed that for a recommended tune-up at 500km, so it doesnt necessarily mean there is a problem. Shimano STEPS Batteries You are able to charge a Shimano STEPS battery either on or off the bike. ,